Genealogical research, tours and excursions all over Sicily

Born and bred in Palermo with a limitless love for our land, Sicily. An ancient and magic land that has hosted so many different populations who gave it part of their heritage during the centuries: pieces of history, pieces of traditions, pieces of culture, scents and tastes popular all over the world.

The aim of our job is to share with all of you this passion for Sicily by showing all its genuineness and warmth.

You’re going to find friends in us, willing to make you live Sicily in the way of the sicilians and to make your desires come true. With us you’re going to discover all the most beautiful places in Sicily even those unknown to the most. You’re going to lose your breath admiring wonderful landscapes, works of art and monuments, some of them older than thousands years.

You’re going to be fascinated by flavors and culinary specialties of our land.
We are sure you will always keep this experience in your hearth, so the only thing left to say is Assabinidica and let’s meet in Sicily!