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Tour Sicilia Palermo Monreale
Palermo - Monreale Tour
We will discover the huge historic, cultural and gastronomic heritage of Palermo, the capital city of the Island. Monuments, markets, churches and gardens of particular artistic value. You will be, also, surprised by a tasting of the famous sicilian street food. In the afternoon, leaving Palermo, we’ll move over Monreale to visit its Duomo distinguished by the golden mosaics.
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Tour Sicilia, selinunte Erice e Saline
Segesta - Erice - Saline Tour
As in Segesta we would visit the unfinished doric temple of the the end of the V century B.C. and the beautiful greek theatre. The tour continue toward Erice, a very well preserved medieval village, where we'll have a taste of the famous handmade pastries of Maria Grammatico. At the end we’ll move over the coast between Trapani and Marsala to profit of the charming view given by the saltworks of Trapani, where the ancient tradition of the handmade salt production is still carried out.
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Marsala and Selinunte Tour
The little town of Marsala is a must in a sicilian tour: the town shows the heritage of its dominators in the styles of all its monuments. Marsala is the place where the noble wine of the same name was produced for the first time. From Marsala we will move over Selinunte and its archeologic park, the biggest in Europe.
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Tour Sicilia Castelbuono, Cefalù
Cefalù and Castelbuono tour
As arrived in Cefalù you will immediately feel the magic of this place and desire to never go away. The marine part of the village is very charming with its ancient little houses looking onto the sea and the long beach made of thin sand. Leaving Cefalù, we will move to Castelbuono that is a tiny and beautiful village rising up in one of the valleys of Milocca hill, in a wood landscape of oaks, chestnut trees, ashes and cherry-trees.
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The Godfather Tour
As arrived in Savoca, its tiny redroof houses and the narrow streets made of cobblestones will make you feel like you have just been throwback to the past. This is the place where Francis Ford Coppola and Al Pacino gave birth to some of the most important scenes of the movie “The Godfather”. Right after we will move over Forza d’Agrò, a little medieval village with a nice view on the coast, and Castemola.
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Agrigento Tour
First we’ll visit the famous Temples Valley (Valle dei Templi) a UNESCO world heritage. Right after the visit of the archeologic area, we’ll have a walk along the Via Atenea, the city centre of Agrigento. Leaving Agrigento, we will visit Sambuca di Sicilia, winner of the ``Best Italian village 2016`` contest.
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Mount Etna and Taormina Tour
We'll visit one of the most impressive Sicilian locations, the Mount Etna, the highest active volcano of Europe (3340 m) and a UNESCO world heritage site. Leaving the Mount we'll move over to Taormina the most famous tourist location in Sicily. Here we’ll visit the greek theatre and the city centre that offers glimpses of an amazing landscape.
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Ragusa - Modica
A full immersion in the Sicilian Baroque Style. During the tour of the town we’ll have a tasting of the famous caciocavallo cheese of Ragusa. The tour ends in the little town of Modica that is famous for its particular chocolate made by the recipe of the ancient Aztecs.
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Siracusa - Noto Tour
As arrived in Siracusa we would visit the Neapolis (new town) archeological park. Its main monuments are: the greek theatre (still use for greek dramas or music events) the roman anphitheatre, and the ear of Dionisio. Right after we will move over the Ortigia island, the historic centre of the town, where medieval palaces and baroque buildings coexists.
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Caltagirone and Piazza Armerina Tour
Caltagirone is the Sicilian potteries’ capital city. As arrived, a potter master will show us the pottery manufacturing and we'll climb up the famous stair of Santa Maria del monte pottery adorned. Leaving Caltagirone we'll move over Piazza Armerina famous for its Villa Romana del Casale. The Villa, of the IV century A.C. is a magnificent rural abode with enchanting roman mosaics.
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